Post 1369: more kitty etiquette…

Andy and Dougy observe more etiquette at “kitty food time”. I serve their wet food on a plate, with both their servings on opposite sides. Andy always eats first. Dougy waits a bit, them comes around for his share.

If I were to pick him up and put him down on his side before he feels it’s OK for him to start eating, he won’t eat. He will run away! It’s not polite to eat before it’s time, his “kitty food time”,


Is it time yet? Dougy’s hungry, too!

Is it time yet? Dougy’s hungry, too!

Yes, it is!

26 thoughts on “Post 1369: more kitty etiquette…

    • Persian cats have difficulty eating foods not presented just so, thanks to the vicissitudes of how they’ve been bred to have shorter and shorter muzzles. Even on a plate, they lick wet food up instead of biting into it. Sometimes they leave a lot because of this quirk. I personally think it was irresponsible to breed for shorter muzzles than the 18th Century version, and probably wouldn’t have agreed to have Persian kittens come into my life had I known the difficulties they face. That said, I love Andy and Dougy to death, and work as best I can to make the Persian problems minimal for my kitty boys.

  1. Snoops and Kommando have separate bowls, but Kommando always eats first. Then Snoops eats from the same bowl. Then they go back and forth. It’s like a ritual.

    • LOL! Love our cats! That tops Andy and Dougy’s ritual for sure!
      (Incidentally, Adventures in Cheeseland is a very well done blog. I find it lots of fun to read, and look forward to reading the rest of the story about kittens from abroad.)

        • My pleasure! I hope people reading this will take a look. I like to encourage people to do this anyway since clicking on links to people who comment here often yields gems like yours. Like your user name, mine doesn’t really give much clue to the content of my blog, yet people keep finding it. Had I known at the beginning how important a snappy user name and blog title were, I would have worked on one. Anyway, here’s the link, again, to your delightful blog for those who want to check it out for themselves:

  2. How polite of Dougy to let his brofur eat first. What are their fav foods? Where do they like to lounge the most? I don’t have a sibling kitty to share my food with, but if it is kept down low the D-O-G will scarf it down before I even get a smell! I would love it if Andy & Dougy were my brofurs! Mew Mew & Purrs…

    • They like all food I give them, especially kitty treats. They don’t get human food, Andy has a food allergy to seafood. They get chicken-based dry and wet food. The treats are mostly chicken-based, though one is catnip-flavored….

  3. So beautiful and loving dear kitties.
    My parents had two dogs, two poodles. The black one was elder, the younger one was grey, and used to leave the senior dog eat at first – separate plates evidently.
    But the older one, a bit jealous … tried to eat quickly so that he could eat something of the other plate. And the grey young poodle was very respectful. He let him do ! But we were there !!!
    Amitiés – france 🙂

    • Thank you! It’s interesting the younger dog let the older one eat first considering most dogs eat their food in big gulps and as soon as the food is set out for them! Of course, poodles are very intelligent dogs and generally well-mannered!

    • Andy will continue to eat Dougy’s share if Dougy doesn’t come over to eat. Sometimes I have to find Dougy and carry him to the plate to make sure he gets his share. Of course, if I feed them on time, both are there, waiting for me. Andy usually “meows” to let me know he wants food, NOW!

    • Because I have to wash them! LOL! And because they will both eat from one. And because I chose not to feed them on paper plates to save me washing them. It’s just a matter of choice, really, no mystery.

    • I have twice as many to wash! They’ve eaten from the same plate since they were kittens. No mystery or no big deal. As long as both kitty boys get their fair share of the food, I see no reason to change.

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