Post 1368: cats, complications and lost drafts…

I accidentally changed something on my laptop yesterday, one of those “one clicks” that totally alters how the laptop works, the screen looks, and…! You’ve been there, I am sure. 

I managed to get the boo-boo “fixed”, which is to say I can use the dang laptop, but everything is upside down, backwards, and alien. I hate these damn things! But I have to use them to do this blog and all the other little things 21st Century people use them for. Ugh! At least I have a couple kitty photos for you.

Oh yes. I had my blog ready to publish and it disappeared somewhere into the ether…. This is my second attempt.


This is one of Andy’s favorite perches. especially if I’m sitting in the recliner too. He knows he can get a good “scritching” in this position, with me giving special attention to that little spot between his eyes he can’t reach: It’s guaranteed to start his purr engine running if you rub it just so! Andy is a small kitty with a huge, rumbling purr. He also loves having his cheeks and the top of his head rubbed. 


One sure way to bring both Andy and Dougy running is to open a door. That’s Andy in front, and Dougy looking toward the open door.That open door gives Dougy ideas. He is my escape artist! Given the opportunity, as noted in other posts, he’d follow his nose to Fargo, so I have to be very careful about making sure the door latches or I have me a fugitive kitty!

Today, after my neighbor Gary helped me bring my groceries in, I put my car in the parking spot. Apparently, the door didn’t latch, and Gary spotted Dougy following his nose again. He made it about five feet (1.524 meters) into his 660 mile (1062 kilometers) trip to Fargo before Gary snatched him up and put him back in the house.  Whew!  

57 thoughts on “Post 1368: cats, complications and lost drafts…

  1. Very cute and loud purrs are so therapeutic. We have just adopted three cats so have our work cut out! I have a poetry blog here on WordPress and today’s poem is about cats in case you have time to look? Have a nice evening, Sam 🙂

    • No kidding! He’d just helped me bring groceries in, so was in the right place at the right time to catch the escapee. I doubt Dougy would have run from him, however, because Gary and Donna, his wife, were the people who cared for them during my medical issues and absence last year. Dougy and Andy know them and walk up to them in greeting, just like they do me when I show up.

    • As with other mess ups, it occurred after an update from Windows…. The important thing is I have utility, even if every appearance setting is screwy and it changed my browser back to Window’s choice (guess which one!), which is the one I wanted but couldn’t get another update to accept. Ugh! I’ll settle for what I got for the moment and work through getting settings back to what I like instead of the ugly “degault” settings it uses now.

    • My experiences are relatively few that way, but the past year has been a big one for them.

      I know Dougy’s a little explorer, so I bear the blame for parking my car without first verifying the door was latched first. Believe me, I will be more responsible in future! Dougy is like a country kid trying to survive on the mean streets of the city were he to get loose and wander too far.

    • Considering the nature of your posts (poetry and artwork, for those who are unfamiliar with them – take a look!), I really feel terrible you might lose something that way. Do you write them out first or work directly on the computer (which I think we all do…)?

        • No, I feel pretty good for the shape I’m in. The Wegener’s granulomatosis’ legacy is joint pain from the knees down. Though it is similar in pain to RA, there is no joint degeneration. It comes in goes in intensity. Right now, it’s a bit intense, but it goes away after a short time. Strange business! Above the knees, I’m fine.

    • Either way, GP! I’ve been both places myself! I remember a project file that’d worked on for three weeks that I accidentally deleted. Fortunately (sort of), I was able to recover back one day before the deletion, so I only lost a day’s wotrth of work, but…!

  2. Bummer that you lost your blog. If I’m writing a longer post, ie: a review, I usually write it in my word processing program, and program it to save every 15 minutes…. I also save my documents to a jump stick every evening. (In other words, in the past, I’ve lost days of work and am now paranoid.)

    • I fell you past pain! Especially since you write books and other long documents, I can appreciate why you are fastidious about saving as often as possible and in many ways. It’s sort of a you don’t back up your files till you end up losing something very important first situation. I know we all have been there! (One hopes no more than once….) Fortunately for me, I didn’t have a complicated or long blog post to redo, and it turned out slightly different but not significantly so.

      • The zinger that turned me into a paranoid person was losing the manuscript of a novel that was about 85% done. If I’d had a gun, I think I might have shot the infernal computer… that was a long time ago, but it had a mega impact. I purchased my first Apple, transferred the non-compromised files and then threw that Packard Bell (since then, I actually call the brand ‘Packard Hell’) in the dump. A very fitting place for the machine that dares to have a hard drive that shorted out.
        (Yes, I do have a temper.)

    • Whew! The only good thing about dougy is he’s a genial cat, and easy to catch if he gets out. Andy is leery of the outside, but if he got out, he’s more likely to run in fear of being caught.

  3. Sorry about the computer glitch and congratulations on an escape foiled. Yesterday when I took my Aunt out to lunch we had to wait around over an hour while trying to get her “escapee” back in the house. She was once an outdoor cat and gets a burr in her tail feathers every once in awhile for that scary great outdoors.

    She LOVES to play, I’ll lay right here just in front of you until you get just within touching me distance and then I’ll run and lay over there for a while. Like I said, congratz! ~~dru~~

    • LOL! I can imagine that play! My late Louie the ginger cat was an outdoor cat I tried to make an indoor cat, and I had the same response from him your Aunt did with her kitty: I eventually went on walks with him to help him get it out of his system for a short time, at least. Since I didn’t put him on a leash (he got out of the one I tried within seconds!), he determined where we walked. Sometimes we went places I hoped the neighbors didn’t see unless they realized I was walking my cat! I have one video of such a walk:

        • I thought Louie’s head markings were very beautiful, and he had beautiful body markings. His tail rings were slightly flawed because they faded out at one point then returned to full color a short way away. Regardless, I was very proud of him for how pretty and striking he was. When I went choose the second kitty to be Freckles companion at the shelter, I planned on getting another kitten, but Louie approached me in his cage, immediately impressing me with his cattitude and beauty. He was estimated to be five years old at the time.

    • I usually check the latch because Dougy is, well, Dougy. There’s a new door closer on that particular door, and apparently it closed slow enough that Dougy made his move and succeeded in escaping. Since I don’t make them wear collars (I have their tags, just not on the cats…), getting out can be a problem. They are microchipped and heavily documented (lots of photos!).

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