Post 1418: kitty boys hangin’ out, doin’ nothin’…

“Whacha doin, Andy?”

“Nothin’, Dougy!”




“Good idea!”

So, the kitty boys got right on it! Doin’ nothin’ was just the ticket for a lazy Friday morning.




32 thoughts on “Post 1418: kitty boys hangin’ out, doin’ nothin’…

    • I used to get GIFs accidentally, now I know how to do it on purpose. I like the effect for occasional posts, though I notice I’m starting to use them more and more….!

  1. Good lord, neither boy looks forty and for a forty year old they are kind of immature…they lead a sheltered life. Shoko will be 9 this year and she is very sheltered and terribly immature for her age. Although I don’t particularly want to see her drag her butt into the house after a great game of chase. hehe


    • I’m trying to do that but a plumber’s coming at 8:30 to fix a problem that benefits the other half of the duplex more than me. I, unfortunately, have the shared outdoor water faucet piping on my side, so a problem the neighbor has with it means I get the plumber in my apartment! Crap!

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