Post 1419: Caturday is for…


…hanging out with our human!


Andy concurs!


Of course, when the birds pop up outside the window, all bets are off!

20 thoughts on “Post 1419: Caturday is for…

    • I agree, Sheldon. Our psyches get a good sorting out for the good, and we are better prepared for the inanities and vicissitudes of every day life, thanks to our furry friends!

    • Thanks, Lavinia! I especially liked Dougy’s photo and the first one of Andy for showing that. Andy was reaching for me, and Dougy had patted me on the head shortly before the photo was taken.

  1. Dougy left his ottoman to be near your head . very touching! :)…and comfortable.
    Andy is going to disturb your device Sonny with his static electricity!! 🙂
    What is better than a good Caturday? 🙂
    In friendship

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