Post 1530: sheep may safely graze…

I used my “Dougy” mug with my midday meal. 


I missed my kitty boys. I knew it would take longer than usual to cut their hair, and that the groomers might have to take more hair off to get to the cats beneath the mats. 

I had their food ready and their fountain topped off.


It was a hectic afternoon, with a call to the car dealer to find out if they’d heard anything from the insurance people on this, the second week anniversary of my accident in South Dakota. They had but still are waiting for the authority to begin repairs (i.e. money). (I will change my insurance company after this fiasco, I think.)

A call from a friend when I was trying to get the kitty boys ready to go…. I asked him to call back. I’d waited months to get the kitty boys in for their grooming session, and I didn’t want anything interfering with the process! 

Dougy joined Andy after a pit stop in the bathroom.


The ride was late (she had her problem to work through), but we still managed to get the kitty boys to the groomers in plenty of time.

More calls, more changes in arrangements for transportation. I’m retired! I had a minor meltdown, then things sort themselves out.

Then Andy ran off to take a kitty bath and Dougy finished his chicken pâté before getting a drink.


Finally, the kitty boys were ready to come home. Andy got bored and uncooperative (as he usually does), so has fur leggings that his brother doesn’t have. I don’t care. I don’t care! They look wonderful to me, and they will be much more comfortable without all those mats! Dougy has some bald spots because of the extreme mats. It’ll grow back! I don’t care! I don’t care. I have my kitties back!


When I am stressed out, J.S. Bach always works to bring me back to earth. Here’s one I love and used for the purpose. Simple, moving, beautiful. Enjoy!

15 thoughts on “Post 1530: sheep may safely graze…

    • Yesterday (October 3rd) I finally got word from them telling me what they’d told the garage and body shop was authorized to be repaired on my car. The insurance person also noted that the manager of the service department where the car will get repairs is authorized to add to the repair bill if additional things need to be replaced.

      The estimated repair time is four days, though that doubtless means four days if all needed parts are on hand.

      I also got the good news that the tow job from Hot Springs, South Dakota, where the accident happened, to Rapid City South Dakota, where the car is now will be covered. That was a $237 bill!

      I’m feeling better about the insurance now, though I still feel they could have been faster. Of course, I’m the one having to ask a friend to take me places.

      Yes, Bach is always lovely! I can’t think of a composer whose music I like more.

    • The insurance company will be sorry they took so long, too. I’ve been with them since 1973 (!), and the difference in service from a claim in 1975 handled by an agent who worked out of his home in my town and 2017, where the representative (not with AAA) turned it over to an AAA representative in Omaha, who turned it over to an AAA representative in Chicago when the whole mess could have been handed over to a real person in Rapid City, where the car is sitting, waiting for AAA to give the go ahead on repairs is startlingly different. I am seriously upset and unimpressed with their current level of service. Not to be crude about it, but the verb “to service” has a specific, different meaning here in cattle country.

  1. Dear Lord all those years of premiums ought to get you a shorter response time than that. I thought I was with mine long but you must hold some sort of record. I always have used an independent agent for my insurance and have found they will push for you and if even they can’t get a response will help you get another company. I am glad you have good support and that the boys finally got their session. Their fur should grow back quickly at this time of year too.

      • My company was very supportive with my accident and no rate raise. I had little damage as I drive a full size pickup but the other guy hit me and really damaged his vehicle then tried to say it was me. They only writes in the mid-Atlantic states. Makes me reluctant to move.

        • If my insurance company shows a similar interest in satisfying a customer, I might forgive them the slowness with which they’ve acted on it. So far, my sense of it is they are deliberately delaying action or are too stupid to realize they are giving me poor service. I just don’t get it: they have two offices in Rapid City, SD, where my car is languishing in the Liberty VW-Mitsubishi dealership, yet they apparently think someone in Omaha, Nebraska or Chicago, Illinois can handle a claim over the telephone!

  2. Yes this music really does it for me ! Wonderful to see the boys have been clipped and are matt free. Really good to see you have local friends who can help you out with transport too. It is not easy watching some one going through tough times far across the oceans.

    • My insurance company (soon to be my former insurance company) is drawing this out much longer than it needs to. Lousy response time on their part is putting me in a bad spot. Just getting to dialysis requires being ready by twenty till six, not a time many people are ready for much more than the first cup of coffee! Fortunately, at least two of my friends fit the bill for early rising, but I hate to always ask favors of them. Fortunately again, I have enough food in the house for the kitty boys and me to go two weeks or so before we need to go to the store for much more than milk or bread, though my neighbors who took care of my cats when I was in hospital then rehabilitation for two months ten days last year have offered to take me to the grocery store when I need to go.

        • It will be easy. After paying in tens of thousands of dollars in premiums since 1973 and having one payout of around $225 in 1975 (without deductible, it must have been closer to $125) and maybe another for around $250 in 1988 or so (I think I just paid to have it fixed without involving them, bit that’s long enough ago I don’t recall), I think they should pay up and acknowledge I have been a cash cow most of the 44 years I’ve been with them.

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