Post 1536: movie time…!

I guess the theme today is cats at play!

Andy plays best by himself because Dougy tends to take over with great enthusiasm. Andy’s my quiet kitty boy. Well, most times! This is an exception.

Hope you enjoyed the little movie show!



34 thoughts on “Post 1536: movie time…!

    • I bet they’d enjoy playing with you, too, though Dougy wouldn’t want to let you use his ottoman.

      Yes, the kitty boys are tail-proud, too! Here’s an early video of Andy and Dougy featuring Andy’s tail. Hope you enjoy it!


    • Yesterday, he found the strip one pulls off to open the bag of cat food, and turned that into a toy. we played with it for several minutes before I had to put it away to go to an appointment. I hid it from him behind a box, but when I got back, the little rascal figured out where it was and how to move the box enough to get the strip!

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  1. I enjoyed the movie where Dougy is playing in a spectacular way .I loved the triumphant music that makes me think of the Metro Goldwyn Mayer’s movies.
    We see you have not forgotten the video technique learned in the army
    Bravo Doug . Ready for the Festival de Cannes ! 🙂
    In friendship


  2. Batting a ball around a track has fallen out of favor here lately. The best toys generally are free, and the more expensive the item, the less fun it is! Though personally, I would like a small yacht. Just so I could do a new blog called “Yacht Cats”. I think the cats would like some sea air.


    • LOL! I’d follow it! And, yes, cheap (free) toys work best here, too. My sister’s late cat Sox used to fiercely defend his favorite toy, which was a toilet paper tube with the ends cut and bent in or out. He’d even growl at my sister if she tried to touch it!

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    • I’m pleased you liked them, nia! (I ordered “Kedi” today, and it will ship in November. Though it isn’t quite ready for release in the USA, your review of the film was all it took for me to know I’d buy it as soon as it became available! Cats of Istanbul, of course, are well known to those of us who follow your blog, but it will be fun seeing them in action! Thank again for bringing this Turkish film to my attention!)

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