Post 1537: breakfast was early today…

The kitty boys get pretty darn excited when they think it’s time for kitty food. Sometimes the easiest thing to do is just feed the little rascals early. (Their little tummies will regret it later, though there always is dry food available.)

Andy eats first many days, and Dougy waits. Of course, when Dougy eats dry food too close to chicken pâté time, he isn’t that hungry. Other days, they eat together.


Andy has to clean up after eating, but Dougy waits till he is hungry to check out the chicken pâté.




39 thoughts on “Post 1537: breakfast was early today…

  1. Mr. Doug, do Andy & Dougy have any food allergies? Mom suspects I might be allergic to chicken. It is in almost all foods for us kitties on the market, which she says is frustrating. What do Andy & Dougy think of their haircuts? Mew Mew!

    • The kitty boys are more active and seem pleased not having to spend so much time spit shining all that kitty hair. It leaves more time for sleeping. playing, and eating!

      Andy is allergic to some seafood, and chicken’s about all he can eat without the inside of his ears turning red. Dougy can eat anything.

    • No. The tuna is problematic for the middle of the USA, and I think they would probably lick the chicken but not try to chew it. They won’t (can’t) eat the chunk tuna, but love the water off of the canned fish.

      Persians have difficulties with some foods because of the way breeders have bred them to have increasingly smooshed faces. Though neither kitty has shown insurmountable problems related to these breeder’s preferences, I have noticed they do have some problems.

      Personally, though I love them to death, I would never have Persians again (these two were given to me) because I don’t approve of how breeders alter physical properties of cats and dogs for the amusement of people and to the detriment of the breed.

      For example, French bulldogs can’t breed because of the changes in their physiology, and all French bulldogs are the product of artificial insemination. Persian kitties oftentimes are too big (their heads) for normal birth and have to be delivered by Caesarian section. Persians, too, often have breathing problems because of the smooshed faces.

  2. We have the same situation here. But with three of the gang on special diets I have to limit the dry food left out in the puzzle feeder. A week ago or so we had a couple of colder nights and we all woke early and hungry so flexibility is the watchword.

  3. I notice several plates piled . This is like in the ceremony meal , there are different plates , for each food ( entrées , red meat, white meat, veggies, cheeses , pastries ) . This needs at least four plates and three glasses ( the wines changes too ).
    In friendship

    • That’s just my sloppy housekeeping! When all plates are dirty, then I wash them. I don’t dirty enough dishes a day to have enough to wash. The kitty boys probably wish there was more to it than chicken pâté day in and out, but that’s what I have to feed them. (Andy’s allergic to several foods).

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