Post 1635: “So what?!”

Dougy was underwhelmed by the lunar eclipse yesterday. What can I say? He’s a cat!

21 thoughts on “Post 1635: “So what?!”

    • I don’t know what we all expected to see. I’m sure watching it streamed wasn’t the most impressive way to go, but I live in a part of the country that got less than 100% of the eclipse. It seemed the logical way to go to get the maximum effect.

  1. Between the cold and the early hour, the entire household slept peacefully through this one, like Dougy there in the picture. Friends got great pictures. We had our fun with the solar eclipse last summer.

    • We were right on the line where the solar eclipse was 100%, and we enjoyed that one a lot, too. The whole town was crazy with traffic, but I enjoyed it from a vacant grassy lot south of my duplex, no fuss, no crowd.

    • Isn’t that the way these things go? When the solar eclipse occurred last August, there was a cloud go over the sun shortly before the eclipse began. We lucked out and got to see the whole thing…barely!

    • Yes, it was advertised different places, but unless you lived in a place where the eclipse was 100% or nearly so, your local television stations probably didn’t make a big deal of it. It got a fair amount of buildup on social media, too.

  2. wow dougy really? I was over the moon literally! I went out at 2 am to watch the moon while the mama turned iblue as a smurf with cold… it was impressing and it looked tasty… like a giant cheese…

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