Post 1636: boxed in…or out


In or out of the box, boxes (and tubs!) are a big part of the kitty boys’ day.


Boxes everywhere~!



47 thoughts on “Post 1636: boxed in…or out

  1. Ohh, that’s so cute! Here boxes are always thoroughly “nosed”. I’m sure the doggies could tell us great stories about the travels of those boxes.

  2. They sure love the boxes. I only have boxes in the livingroom occasionally and Shoko is over them with a fine tooth comb but then the thrill is gone. We should send the box to you. mol


    • I’m lucky in that regard. The kitty boys treat the boxes well for the most part. Andy sometimes chews a little on the corners, but they generally don’t make messes with the boxes…or mess in them!

    • When you have to pay directly for the gas to heat the water, you have a different perspective than you do when the bill for the gas comes once every month or so! I’m glad I had that experience because when I lived on the Kaserne, the showers had unlimited hot, steamy water, which prompted people to take American-length showers, using lots of water, which I did before I had the apartment experience. After the apartment experience, once I moved back to the Kaserne, I took environmentally friendly showers!

  3. My post on 30 Jan 2018 is about a ginger tabby who fell off the garage roof on Christmas Day and ran up a whopping vet’s bill. He is now convalescing and has the household at his beck and call. sound familiar ?

    • I sneak a few out on trash day, but there are always boxes they watch like hawks. On in the front room is at least three, maybe four years old. Of course, since I live alone with two cats, they have one vote more than I on these matters. LOL!

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