Post 1640: “You are too close!”

Sometimes, I get too close when I take photos of the kitty boys. Other times, they move in to sniff the camera just as it takes the photo.


I don’t think they mean to mess the photos up… [Wink!]


39 thoughts on “Post 1640: “You are too close!”

  1. Andy and Dougy are lookin’ good today! I can’t answer any more over at my site, it only allows so many comments, I tried to change that and couldn’t. But in reply to your comment, LOL about your cheetah! I used to call Bud our bobcat!


  2. I had a terrible time getting photos of mine. One peek at the camera and off they went. Then I got a Go Pro. It’s so small I can hide it easily, I don’t always need a flash and they now seem to not find it such a threat. I can finally get closeups.


    • I think you pinpointed the big problem: flash photography! I used my webcam at various times for that reason, and the camera on my smart phone has been a big help overcoming the kitty boys’ resistance to being photographed. The Go Pro camera is an excellent idea, too!


  3. If they are like us, they are getting used to the cameras and the flashing. All Houdini has to hear here is “Smile” and he positions himself. He’s such a little camera whore. Snorts and rolls with piggy laughter. XOXO – Bacon


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