Post 1642: While Andy hides from me…

IMG_20180208_013438 (1)

Andy hid from me this morning, but…


…Dougy openly defied me…


….to try to take the recliner from him! Bad kitty!

19 thoughts on “Post 1642: While Andy hides from me…

    • LOL! No kidding! There was the one time I couldn’t find Dougy when I was rounding up the kitties to take them to the groomer. I tore the place apart looking for him, while Andy complained about being in the carrier. I took Andy to the groomer in time, and told them I couldn’t find Dougy, but would bring him when and if I did. I went home, had an epiphany: I found him in the bottom pet carrier of the two stacked by the recliner! I slapped the door shut, and got him to the groomer at the very last minute I could get him there and get service. Dang cat!

  1. My pet rats hid inside the fridge a few times, via the entry for the electric cord. I also heard rustling inside oven a few times, though I could not see them. They finally came out the entry for that electric cable too, they had been jumping up and down on the foil wrapped round the insulation outside the oven itself.The only thing they would come out for was the smell of microwaving sweet corn, or pumpkin and corn baby food.

    • LOL! Dougy doesn’t get growly with me but he does turn into dead weight with grabby claws hanging onto anything he can. Noel is a very naughty cat to hiss at your husband! (I hope Dougy doesn’t learn about this hissing business….)

    • I work on my blog on the glider next to the recliner, and it is comfortable, too. I think the kitties like how the recliner molds to their bodies. Dougy likes to play wand toy on the recliner , too. He can hide behind the arm while on the seat, and attack the lure as it passes overhead.

  2. This must have been an universal conspiracy this morning. After breakfast, Houdini hid from mommy. She about lost her mommy mind looking for him. It was really comical for me watching them looking for each other. XOXO – Bacon

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