Post 1656: Where’s the kitty???

It starts out pretty much as it always does. Naptime!

They wake up after a good snooze…

Dougy notices something odd. Where’s Andy?


I look by the end table where Andy was moments before…


…there he is! Andy has a new happy spot!







24 thoughts on “Post 1656: Where’s the kitty???

  1. well done.

    something i learned today: took my cat to the cats’ hotel for a three day stay and while doing the paperwork noticed that the cats’ play area had five cats in it.

    what’s this? I said, I thought each cat got its separate turn in the play area, and why are they getting along?

    because they all know it’s not their territory, the hotel person said. there may be a little hissing but we’ve never had a fight. sometimes they snuggle.

    i’m still a little disbelieving, but our cat has stayed there before with no ill results, so maybe it’s so. my niece was in the movie Cat Worman, wherein a whole passle of cats were rangled, and i always wondered how they did that, but now i realize that they must have gotten all the cats out of their normal territories.


    • Interesting! Makes sense, though. In their usual habitat – our homes – they have time to sort these matters out and establish which spots are “MINE!!!” and learn to respect (more or less) those spots that aren’t. I’m like you, though, trying to imagine how they’d manage a lot of cats for the film. Thanks for this very interesting and thought-provoking comment!

    • It’s a little sloppy spot next to the end table Andy claims. I put kitty toys, paper towels (I sometimes eat breakfast in the recliner so I can watch the news), and reading material I don’t want the kitty boys to shred there. That’s a little lap table holding the mess back…. (You can tell I’m not married! LOL!)

  2. Dougy was very comfortable on his Ottttoman but he had to know what Andty was doing and finally he found . Andy was squeezed between furnitures to systain him. Not bad either.
    With the adventures and misadbentures of you rtwo ” rascals ” ,Doug, you have deserved a gladd of Gewurzstraminer . tchin !
    In friendhip

    • Believe me, if they sold a decent Gewurztraminer in this town, I’m have a glass for sure! A friend used to have a liquor store. When first came back from Europe, he asked me for advice on wines, and (because a banker usually bought most of them), I was able to get some really premium French and German wines in. Once he became more educated in what to look for, he started bringing in really interesting Hungarian wines, for example, as well as excellent California wines. The most exciting wine was a Gewurztraminer produced in Hunawihr! I help pick grapes there one very rainy day and took lots of photos (I gave the owner of the vineyard copies). The label showed the very slope leading up to the church where I’d picked those grapes and the vintage was the year I was there. I like to think I drank wine I helped make! Anyway, since my friend changed his business to one where he makes silver jewelry – he’s very artistic – my town lost a source of really high quality wines.

        • I’m not that knowledgeable, but have been fortunate to experience many fine (and some ordinary!) wines over the years. One fun experiewnce was to be in your country at the time the Beaujolais Nouveau arrived. By coincidence, the US holiday of Thanksgiving is the Thursday of the third week of November, too, so we celebrated both!

    • I wish! He’d prop=bably claim me as a dependent and keep my refund for himself. Yep, He’d buy hundreds of dollars worth of kitty treats, and when the Internal Revenue Service caught up with his scam, he’d say, “But I’m just a little kitty!”

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