Post 1676: upset Dougy…!


Dougy’s a bit crabby today. That’s his “Endless Pain For All Who Mess With This Tough Kitty Paw of Total Annihilation” pointed directly at me! I brushed him a little too hard, and a nice clump of matted hair pulled out. Oops!


Andy tells his brother “Mrow~meow~mew~mrow!”, which, for those of you who don’t know Cattinese, translates more or less, sometimes if not, and kinda as: “Kill, brother! Kill! They are made of meat, you know!” or, depending on inflection and the humidity, may actually mean: “He didn’t mean to do it, brother! And he controls the treats!”

Either way, Dougy is upset and Andy is trying to calm the waters…or…start a murder frenzy!

32 thoughts on “Post 1676: upset Dougy…!

  1. When I had my little Persian Mini years ago I had apair ofthoselittle round edge scissors for kids that I used to cut through the mats before brushing. Time consuming, but more a bonding experience than struggling with her to get brushed. Other than the mats she loved getting brushedso it worked.

    • I use a variety of techniques and tools. Andy, for example, likes to stretch out on the recliner arm. When I’m sitting there, too, I can cradle Andy between my arms and hand-pull mats apart. He likes that, and will stay still for long periods while I do it.

      I have a pair of those scissors used to cut through bandages that have a little dull hook on one arm that works well for pulling mats apart gently, and a seam ripper that (with lots of care!) goes through the mat easily and cuts the hair. I don’t use this very often for fear I’ll poke the kitty, though. The bandage scissors are safer.

      I have professional trimmers that I’m hesitant to use because there is skill involved in giving kitties haircuts, but I also have a steel-toothed comb that can be used to demat if I am careful not to catch more than little mats in it.

      I also have dematting tools that are blades with hooks on on end that catch the mat and gently pull them out, but are mostly meant to “dethatch” the cat, thining out the undercoat. I have three different sizes.

      I also tried larger-sized crochet needles to catch and tug out hair in the mats, though I didn’t feel they worked as swell as other tools.

      The kids scissors sounds like an interesting option, too! I will have to try those out. You never know what works best with each cat. Dougy, for example, is less tolerant of me hand-pulling his mats apart than Andy is.

      • Those round ends didn’t break he skin and the scissors were short so it was a lot of small clips which cut up the mat Then it would brush out with the regualr soft brush which she liked. She was white and I noticed her skin was more fragile than that of my oher cats so I was very careful what I used.

  2. Makes me think of our old cats who would sit side by side looking out the window. At the same time they would turn, look at each other for a bit, then turn back to look out the window. Kind of like “Hey, what did you think of that?”

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