Post 1710: “And this fellow’s caring for us for life??”

Andy’s incredulous…

…and Dougy’s aghast!

Their human’s had his smartphone for two years, and he just figured out that the part that plugs into the 110 Volt outlet is a transformer, and the cord has a USB connector that plugs into the transformer. He thought he had to charge it on 110 Volts, but could have used one of the USB ports in his car to charge it while on the road. If he’d realized that last September, he would have had a working phone after his encounter with a rock. Geez! 

23 thoughts on “Post 1710: “And this fellow’s caring for us for life??”

    • I use mine more as a camera than as a phone. (All photos used in this blog that were shot after April 2016 were shot with the smartphone.) The phone functions would be better served with a simple flip phone.

    • I could have saved myself a $200 taxi ride had I realized the USB business back in September. My insurance company didn’t pick it up because they are ignorant about how stretched out and/or absent services are in this part of the country. (They require customers to use one of two rental car companies, for example, but one doesn’t have an office within three hours’ drive of where I live, and the other is an hour’s drive away from where I live, which, when I needed a rental car, was that t$200 taxi ride away. They don’t understand that getting two or more appraisals is difficult when there is only one place to get a particular service done. Stupid people!

    • Yes, I reminded them I have that skill down, and know how to tear opening strips off their dry food bag. Of course, the Greenies come in a container that has a safety seal to baffle me after I unscrew the lid, but I eventually worry it off the jar!

    • The smart phone came without an instruction manual! I googled for one put out by Nerd Patrol or some such thing. It was pretty good, but I guess I already plugged the cord into the transformer, then forgot about it. Google is my go to place for lots of things!

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