Post 1732: I try to photograph Dougy…

I try to get a head on portrait type shot of Dougy, but he reacts to the smart phone the same way he reacted to the Coolpix camera when I used flash. He looks away!


I finally get a shot where he looks straight at me, but the camera focuses on the wrong spot. Persians are so fuzzy, they seem to confuse autofocus cameras. Oh well, we’ll try another day!

21 thoughts on “Post 1732: I try to photograph Dougy…

  1. It’s ’cause he’s just too cute for the camera! Tee hee hee. Mom used to use a flash when photographing me and the doggie, but she doesn’t anymore. I’m glad, ’cause it made my eyes watery and it was super bright! Hugs!

  2. That’s really interesting about the fur and the focus! I think that happens with my longish furred kitty too. Your pictures always look good to me and Dougy looks so handsome today. The more I look at your kittys’ face shapes as compared to my UV girl’s face, the more I see some similarities that make me suspect she has some Persian heritage.

    • As popular as Persians have been over the decades, I’d think you probably do have some Persian kitty heritage in her! I guarantee I toss as many photos of the kitty boys (or a lot more) as I post, and I’ve learned that there are times where the blurry photos work to suggest motion or some other activity better than a perfectly focused photo. Today’s post (Post 1733) ends with a blurred photo that conveys the idea of Dougy getting surprised by Mr. Hand a lot better than a good photo.

    • LOL! Ils sont le produit gâté des années d’être les compagnons gâtés de la royauté et des personnes spéciales. À l’heure actuelle, de simples mortels comme moi peuvent les avoir, et ils sont génétiquement prédisposés à ne jamais oublier qu’ils étaient autrefois les animaux choyés de la reine Victoria, par exemple, et d’autres!

      LOL! They are the spoiled product of years of being the spoiled companions of royalty and special people. By now, mere mortals like me can have them, and they are genetically predisposed never to forget they used to be the pampered pets of Queen Victoria, for example, and others!

    • I totally agree with you, Greg, and I can vouch for the beautiful kitty photos you post! I agree, too, that natural light photos are superior to those taken with flash, and I turned off the flash on my point-and-shoot camera a long time ago because of the kitty boys’ reaction to it. They remember that flash, though, and make the assumption, I guess, that anything (even a smart phone, the only “camera” I’ve used for the past two years!) aimed at them will make a flash.

    • LOL! One of the speculations about why she has that smile is she’s pregnant. Another was she had bad teeth. In Dougy’s case, it’s because he’s a kitty trying to tolerate the silly business his human puts him through. Unlike the joie de vivre (appropriately for a doggy in France!) you show in your photo stories, Dougy fears the flash of the camera, even though I never use the flash on my smart phone, the only “camera” I’ve used for the past two years.

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