Post 1779: Andy’s current hiding spot…


Andy is pretty good about taking his medicine, but he doesn’t necessarily give me carte blanche  access to his hiding spots. 

Currently, he hides on top of my bedroom dresser. It replaces the top of the nightstand in the guest bedroom, both of which have been used in rotation with other spots. When I need him, I just walk up to the dresser, pet him a time or two, then pick him up. He’s been very compliant that way.

Any resistance starts once I wrap him in the towel and put the syringe-full of medicine up to his lips. Even then, he takes in most of the medicine most of the time. Of course, the reward for being a good kitty boy is a kitty treat of Greenies!


As noted before, I’m not compensated for mentioning the kitty boys’ favorite treat, Greenies. Their veterinarian stocks them and that’s the only treat of that sort they know.

14 thoughts on “Post 1779: Andy’s current hiding spot…

  1. ur are lucky. My Chris has found the perfect spot to lie out on the catio. I’m sure he picked it because it is almost impossible for me to pick him up when it is time for him to come inside.

  2. I don’t miss doing this with Kali. I miss Kali something fierce though but the administration of meds was a pain. Kali was very good but I would notice pills spit out three days later. You deserve the George medal with clusters for doing this Doug.


    • It helps Andy a lot, so it isn’t a pain unless he has a bad day and scratches me on being released from “The Towel”!

  3. You have it easy. Andy really is a good boy. Mine like to get behind the refrigerator or the back of the bottom of the most cluttered closet. The favorite is the bottom corner kitchen cabinet which is deeper than my arm is long. Those old cabinets are being replaced in the kitchen renovation and won’t they be disappointed when I can always reach them.

    • Ha! It sounds promising after the renovation anyway! I use the blocking method. I generally know which rooms Andy will be in any day, so I go in the room, shut the door, go to where I expect to find Andy, Andy runs to the door, is thwarted, and I pick the rascal up! I note that many times, especially now, he sees me coming and just accepts his fate. Another thing: I use a cane. He hasn’t figured out yet that me placing the cane near or lightly on him doesn’t secure him for capture!

    • Yes, he is very sweet, almost kitten-like. (How is your garden doing? You and Janine having fresh vegetables and greens from it yet?)

      • For the moment we got only fruits because of the drought since April until now ( with one day of violent thunderstorm in May )I will have a little crop of potatoes , I fear for the carrots that can be attacked by insects . However , I hope. I have beautiful onions and schallots . I will have green beans and leeks . A gardenr have to live in the hope !
        Thanks for the recall about bay leaves . They are used in France but I have not it in my garden.

        • That is gardening for you! Some years the tomatoes (or whatever) are spectacular and the next nothing happens. It still sounds like you are getting some nice produce from your garden.

    • When the kitty boys were kittens, they had a parasite infestation that caused them to have diarrhea. Yuck! They were getting v=baths practically daily, something they – and I – hope to high heaven we never have to go through a =gain! Of course, Persians absorb water like sponges. It take forever to dry them out.

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