Post 1778: a much needed rest…

A short time ago, I planned on skipping a day here to catch up on sleep. I didn’t do it, though, and continued to build on my fatigue.

This past weekend, however, my body rebelled and took over: I slept 11 hours Saturday afternoon and night! Sunday was pretty much the same thing, as was Monday.

Beyond doubt, I needed rest, my body determined it was a huge, huge amount, and I just went along. Instead of staying up, when I felt tired, I went to bed, day or night. What a novel approach to fatigue management! Ha!

I hope I’m caught up now. 

48 thoughts on “Post 1778: a much needed rest…

    • I think the reason they did was I slept during their usual nap time. They both were sleeping near or with me before it was all over. Kitty food time was coming up, you know! Ha!

  1. I’m glad you got a good long rest, Doug. There is nothing like it! In summer I tend to be chronically sleep-deprived with all the work going on here, and that is not good. Please do follow your body’s prompts to rest!

    • I used to have problems sleeping while it was light, but that isn’t a problem any more. Dialysis is so exhausting even the sun can’t keep me up!

    • I’ve been meaning to get some sleep for weeks now. I’ve been getting along on three-four at night and occasional naps (two-three hours) some days. Apparently, it was inadequate. Of course, the kitty boys determine some of my sleep. The let me sleep during the day, of course, being crepuscular critters., but wake me up at 1-1:30 AM to feed them. I typically stay up onvce I’m up, so…!

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