Post 1780: sunshine and shadow


Dougy enjoys some glorious sunshine!


Andy does not.

39 thoughts on “Post 1780: sunshine and shadow

    • Thanks! Sometimes great results are more accidental than planned. I was especially surprised the Andy photo turned out so sharp because he was in a spot that usually results in something that requires lots of manipulation to get something that shows anything.

    • Thanks! I was pleased when sun and cat came together in this way. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t have a camera ready or would miss the shot.

    • Yep! Andy was avoiding me because I’d given him medicine a bit earlier. Poor kitty boy! He loves to be held and petted, but that’s also a prelude to getting a mouthful of icky medicine sometimes!

    • It probably is worse for them where you live since that sort of weather is less common. Here, we can count on July-mid September being miserably hot. This year, the June had several days more typical of July heat. Of course, with the heat come thunderstorms and frequent hail. Ugh!

          • A friend is spending his 70th birthday visiting family in Denmark, and has noted the weather has been nasty-hot there this time, too. Of course, all of his Facebook postings of the trip seem to be of alcoholic drinks and food, so I know his cousins are treating him well! LOL!

          • XD that sounds like the best way to spend a trip over in Europe in the heat. But yeah our countries can’t cope with this type of long hot weather. Not enough Aircon units!

          • His Facebooks posts suggest he’s spending a lot of it sitting in the backyards of relatives, drinking alcohol and eating. LOL! Either that or eating lots of yummy things in restaurants. He’s a big steak tartare fan, so that seems to be a big deal for meals. We are from a major cattle-raising part of the US, and we generally like our beef medium rare off the grill. Don’t know what happened to my friend. LOL!

          • I ate lots of things while stationed there in the US Army, and proclaimed them all yummy! T#o the best of my knowledge, though, I never ate raw anything.

            I hope your partner has no ill effects. Knowing Germany (and EU,regulations) though, I’m sure those donor pig was raised in very specific way to assure it would be parasite free. I imagine it even was a given it was to be a pig used specifically for that dish!

            Did he think it was good raw?

          • He eats it whenever we go back to Germany. And yes there are very strict regulations on those pigs to the point that there are accusations that they live better than some people in Germany xD

    • It was a setting thing. One person, a spammer, kept responding to everything with the one word “what”. I changed the open comment setting to one requiring approval first. I think (as best I can tell now that I’ve returned it to the old open setting ) I have things back to normal again. Since I didn’t approve (or think I had to!) “likes” or comments that were emojis, they weren’t approved to show. Ooops! I do appreciate everyone’s participation here because that’s the only thing that lets me know anyone actually reads the blog! Thank you for bringing this to my attention. Believe me when I say I enjoy your comments, and have as long as you’ve followed this blog!

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