15 thoughts on “Post 1788: what Dougy likes…

  1. When I saw the post title, I thought “Cheese!” Then on the bottom right photo I thought i saw a cheese slice on Dougy’s back, but that is not what it really is but part of a table I think. Don’t know where to go with this next, so I’m done!

    • I’ll end the mystery for you, Greg: that is the top of a box that they kitty boys like so much I can’t get rid of it. There are holes cut on the sides, and the front opens up so kitties can get inside it and bat at wand toy lures I dangle just outside the openings. Dougy especially likes to play that way since he is an ambush master, but Andy’s style is to grab things out of the air as they pass by.

    • It doesn’t show it really well, but, the bottom photo in this post shows the box that looks like cheese in that photo today The kitty boys love, love, love the box, a ratty looking thing in the front room I’d love , love, love to get rid of after all these years. It has holes cut on two sides, and they get inside and capture wand toy lures that pass by the openings. Dougy especially likes to ambush prey this way – hiding, though Andy’s style is more to catch it as it flies by the perfectly still fuzzball that amazingly turns into death on four sticks when they fly by!


    • Pretty much! And Dougy lets me know he wants the attention by whining and putting his paw (with claws slightly extended…) on my knee. Since my knee is usually free of a pants leg at this time of year, I always have these little scratches on my knee! The act will be pleased!

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