Post 1792: Where’s Andy…?

IMG_20180709_151826 (1)

Andy eyes me with distrust…!

I forgot to close my bedroom door earlier, a strategy that assures Andy is “available” for medicine time with the least hassles. 

Andy oftentimes is resting on the top of my dresser, a spot I’ve made a bit more comfortable for sleeping kitty boys. He wasn’t there today because he saw me coming and ran under the bed. I had to bring out Plan B: shake the kitty treat container and put out some treats!


Andy likes to sleep on top of the dresser.

He (and Dougy) came running. I had him then, and he took his medicine like an especially good kitty. Extra treats for Andy! Then he hopped on the PC to take a bath…and to eye me with distrust when I sat in the computer chair to talk on the smart phone. 


[Andy really was a very, very good boy once I caught him. Seriously! I didn’t have to use the towel to immobilize him or let the medicine warm up first, yet he didn’t struggle or fight taking his dose. Most of it got in him, too!]