Post 1808 update: Finally, the post grooming photos!

Computers will destroy me! I finally got the photo problem corrected (I think) and now you can see other photos of the cleaned up and trimmed kitty boys. Andy wasn’t cooperative, so the one photo of him is the one in the lower left hand, where he takes a post grooming drink. Doug’s in all three photos since he is a photo hound! It’s a bit hard to see him in the one with Andy, but he’s in the cat tree hidey hole. There he is in the same place in the lower right hand photo. 


Here’s the Dougy “before” photo again.

Post 1808: trouble…


Just in time for the kitty boys’ haircuts… my smart phone isn’t “talking” with my laptop. I’ve no idea what happened or what to do to get queued photos of the trimmed-up kitty boys to e-mail over to my laptop. I haven’t the time or patience to deal with it today, so, of course, this is the day Ye Gods chose to dump on me. Sorry.

I have a point-and-shoot camera that I haven’t used in two years. I tried taking some photos with it, will need a bit of time to relearn its operation and quirks if it turns out I have to return to using it.

Oh yeah, the kitty boys look pretty good considering how much work their groomer had  to do to get the job done. Both were pretty growly about the carrier time since it’s been a while since they had to take a trip in it,  about two and a half blocks.

One way or another, I will have photos for you tomorrow. I do know the point-and-shoot camera works best in good light. The kitty boys react to the red light that determines subject distance, which, as any cat people know, kind of complicates things. LOL!


I managed to get one photo to transmit. It happens to be Dougy “after”, which you can compare with Dougy “before” below it. Now, if I can figure out what happened, I’ll try to duplicate it. Ugh!