Post 1812: recon on breakfast…


The best place to do recon on breakfast, that is to keep a sharp eye on the human. Andy likes to do it from the top of the all-in-one machine.  After all, Andy wants to be there first!


 Some activity out there! Looking hopeful!


Woo hoo! Andy knows breakfast is about to be served.


It’s hard to get a clear photo of eating kitty boys. They really chow down! Part of it is Dougy trying to finish his kitty food because Andy always finishes his part, then nuzzles into Dougy’s part. (Andy, on right.)


This one is for Marylou of “natuurfreak” to show her what it’s like here in Western Nebraska when the sunflower seeds get enough moisture to cover the Sandhills with sunflowers:

sunflowers in Sandhills (This not my photo and I don’t know who took it. I will give credit if they identify themselves or if I find the photo with credit given…) This scene from the Nebraska Sandhills cheers my heart!