Post 1854: Dougy’s decision…

Burst_Cover_GIF_Action_20180914010252 Dougy and I have a little morning routine. I try to update this blog, and he gets upset with me. Then I try to determine what he wants to do – brushing, which he love, love, loves! – wand toy, or lots of “scritching”. Being a long-haired kitty boy, that “scritching” is appreciated especially when I scratch that little spot between his eyes! (Makes him drool!)

Today, though, when I decided to sneak a GIF of me brushing him, he spotted a gnat flying by the lamp on the end table. He made his decision! LOL! But he didn’t get the gnat.

catnip4Andy and I have our morning routine, too. After the kitty boys have their breakfast, I give Andy his medicine, then treats.

Today, I changed our routine a little bit. I’ve been growing catnip in a kitty treat container Andy and Dougy emptied. It is just right for sharing with my kitty boys now, and Andy appreciates fresh leaf a whole lot!

Though Andy finds the smell of the fresh leaf overwhelming, he gets his kitty on, eats the ‘nip, which he love, love, loves to eat when I crumple it up, put it on the floor. RAWR! Fresh ‘nip! Good!

Being an introverted little guy, he doesn’t react in amusing, wild ways. Fresh greens, though, always are welcome in his world.


39 thoughts on “Post 1854: Dougy’s decision…

    • Yes, at least a brush full daily for Dougy and much less from Andy. Andy’s coat is less dense, but Dougy benefits from a daily brushing or two. Actually, he likes it well enough, I do it a little at a time several times a day. As for Andy, I can go for longer periods, but I check him for potential mats each time I have him held for his twice-daily medicine. I occasionally find a small mat, which I deal with at the time. Dougy’s coat forms them at a faster rate, so I also feel for mats daily.

    • Doug moves around to position his body the way he wants me to brush it. If hes tired of it or doesn’t like how I do it, he swats my hand with a paw or nips at my hand or the brush. He knows what he likes or doesn’t!

    • It is a member of the mint family, and tends to take over lots of territory once it is established. I grow it in containers (to contain it!), and have had hilarious if frustrating results trying to grow it outside…in cages!

    • Garden supply stores often sell the with their herbs, but starting the from seed is easy to do as it is a weed! If the cats reject it (unlikely), it makes a soothing tea.

    • I got it at their groomers. Oddly, it has no writing on it, and I was unable to locate grooming tools with the distinct handle this one has. It is a pretty good one for long-haired pets, and is gentle on the skin. (I tried it on my arm!) Sorry I can’t help. I’ve had two of the for several years. The groomer doesn’t have any more in stock – I looked.

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