Post 1882: [cat]birds of a feather…


Andy (on left) and Dougy have distinct personalities, as anyone who follows this blog knows. Still…

…in other ways they are similar!.

24 thoughts on “Post 1882: [cat]birds of a feather…

    • She knows how appealing floofy Persians can be in that regards! Andy is the best one to cuddle, and Dougy tolerates it (and always purrs) for just a short time.

    • Thanks! They are wonderful companions, too. Though pets come with lots of responsibilities, I am glad I decided to accept the two kitty boys when they were offered to me.

    • Thanks for following! I sometimes go back through old posts to see if I see any patterns or things I’d like to do or change to make the posts more interesting. Of course, I sometimes find typographhical errors or awkward phrasing that bugs this old English major. I change them, of course! (Sorry if you get emails telling you about updates.)

  1. I only have one boss & after 11yrs Washe cat has displayed multi Psykat personalities 🙈🙊🙉 about the occasional hairball, but he is getting pretty good about letting me know about those ahead of time 🐱 😉

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