Post 1382: “Please wait till I put it in the litter boxes!”

I open the box with the new litter. Dougy watches the outside scene, but Andy comes to snoop.

Now Dougy’s interest is piqued! (His horns start to emerge!)

Any new box brings the kitty boys running, but they have a special interest in litter: they can smell what it is! 

Oh dear!


(Andy on left; Dougy on right and by himself in bottom photo.)

They have to examine, sniff, anticipate, paw, chew, and approve the shipment.



Then Andy notices the cookies on top of the other box, and he grabs it by the packaging. I barely catch him before he runs away with the molasses cookies!

Then I refill their litter boxes before they burst a kidney (or something!) waiting to use the new stuff! Of course, it takes no time for both kitty boys to “test drive” the new litter! It meets their high standards. (Whew!)

That’s what it’s for boys! Good kitties!


I am not compensated to show any of the recognizable brands in this post, and make no claims for their suitability. 

20 thoughts on “Post 1382: “Please wait till I put it in the litter boxes!”

  1. I learned to watch them around fresh litter. I pour it into a plastic tub with a snap lid for storage. One day I left the lid off while I was changing the 7 boxes. Lucio hopped in and went in the plastic tub! Oh no!!!!!!!!

  2. The post finally arrived…hehe. True, the kitty litter must be tested before use by both. Usually Kali is waiting inside the clean kit lit box for the new stuff. We have always had 1 litter box. I don’t see the need for 2 as they don’t have to go at the same time and there is no waiting or throwing stuff out of the box. In the winter it is used frequently requiring a clean up and pitch a few times a day but in the summer, the traffic is lighter and the garden has more visitors.


    • With two indoor kitties, the litter boxes get regular heavy use! The bathroom litter box is mostly used by Andy, but both use the middle one all the time. The third one is there “just in case”, which is rarely.

    • Yes, exactly! I suspect it is one way to say “This is MY litter box!” Of course, in this case, both will use the same litter box though I put out the standard formula of one litter box per cat plus one. The third one rarely is used, and one gets heavy use, requiring two, three times a day cleaning.

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