Post 1908: Dougy’s upset!

Dougy likes to be brushed, but he hates this comb! The tail tells the tale.

11 thoughts on “Post 1908: Dougy’s upset!

  1. If he’s like me, he twitches his tail, too, let you know when he’s had enough of brushes. Mom says I like to be brushed a lot more than the kitties before me did. I like the feel of brushes, ’cause I have itchy skin.

    • Yes,k same here for the kitty boys. It’s thje inflection,. I guess you’d call it, tjat lets me know whether I’ve upset a kitty or made him happy!

  2. Dougy’s not alone. Everyone here doesn’t care for the comb except Bill and I and we have our own combs, thank you very much. Shoko will tolerate the comb as long as I don’t get too carried away and comb for a long time. (5 minites) Budd also tolerates the comb for awhile and then he bends his head over, picks up my fingers and moves them off his bod. Definite hint, he’s had enough. Tyebe bats the comb as soon as she sees it. She doesn’t like the brush either. I guess brushing is a learned GOOD behaviour.


    • Andy tolerates it when I have him on his back. That means the best time to brush hium is before I give him his medicine. Siunce most of the mats are on the tummy, I’m glad I can brush that on Andy the easiest!

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