Post 1907: movie time…

“He said ‘sxxx’!” Dougy is sensitive to naughty language. Ruins his movie! 

IMG_20181117_001655 (2)

“I did like the car chase and the bloody shootouts.”

18 thoughts on “Post 1907: movie time…

  1. Mom and Dad watch a lot of action and adventures and sic-fi movies that have lots of weird noises and fast moving pictures. I’d like to paw at the screen but they hung the TV up high where I can’t reach it. You are lucky to get yours at eye level, Dougy.

    • I’m deaf in one ear and need help with the other! Yes, closed captioning is great for people like me. Of course, not all old movies have them. I have dificulties following the dialogue in some because of the faux posh accent people affected in early “talkies”.

        • I remember the bad old days when my profoundly deaf grandmother moved in with us. The television had to be turned up so high, your ears bled. (Well, nearly so!) Closed captioning was developed after she died. For awhile, we had another arrangement that helped with the racket – a set of earphones connecgted to the television by a long wire. I don’t think it helped my grandmother that much.

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