Post 1914: snow day…

Dougy has the right idea for a snow day: Do nothing! The kitty boys and I will spend as little energy as possible today, snooze around, and make sure we stay warm.

[I’m still fighting this miserable cold. I especially am glad I don’t have to be anywhere between now and next Tuesday morning.]


12 thoughts on “Post 1914: snow day…

  1. Sorry you ended up getting a cold, Mr. Doug. I hope by now you are feeling much better. I bet Dougy and Andy made good nurses. Colds can be so pesky. Mom came down with one a few days ago, so I’ve been staying by her side.

    • Yes, that is a kitty’s job, too! My cold is mostly over – I can’t decide for sure since I’ve had some sneezing this morning – and I look forward not to getting another any time soon!

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