Post 1916: lazy day…

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The closer I get to the end of the cold, the better I sleep, the better I sleep the less likely I am to have my blog post updated in time. I’m sleeping really well now! Soooo, here are some videos of the kitty boys to amuse you till I wake up:


12 thoughts on “Post 1916: lazy day…

    • I think the fly won that one, but yes, the “smoke” part of “smoke Persian”, which the kitty boys are, really showed up in that video! It’s not that prominent in real life, but you get to appreciate it in certain light. (Natural light shows it best.)

    • I wish I could find a good (simple….!) video editor app to replace the one Microsoft used to have. I enjoyed making those videos and they show the kitty boys’ personbalities much better than simple photos. Of course, I was a US Army motion picture photographer when I served in the army, and I enjoyed that work immensely. Making kitty videos took me back to those times. I mean, using the same skills I developed then worked well making kitty boy videos!

    • Yes, Andy does seem a bit darker than his brother. Their coats look very different in natural light and artificial light. I think of them as black cats, but they have lots of silver highlights, since they are smoke Persians.

    • I think “too many boxes” is a human thiung. My kitty boys say there is no such thing! The fly video is one of my favorites, too. I love the impressionistic quality of it.

    • That’s a favorite of mine. I like the impressionistic quality of it! Also, the “too many boxes” is a human thing. My kitty boys don’t see it as a possibility!

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