Post 1924: anticipating Andy…

Andy and Dougy amuse each other with ambushes and wild chases. Today, it was Dougy’s turn to ambush Andy…if he ever passed the recliner. Dougy patiently waited for the fun! (Look closely, and you can see Dougy’s “horns” in some of the photos. He’s anticipating the chase.)


As you can see from this earlier photo of Andy, the recliner foot rest is a favorite roosting spot for both kitty boys. 

28 thoughts on “Post 1924: anticipating Andy…

    • I wish all of the people following this blog could meet them in “person”! In fact, though it hasn’t happened yet except for a few people who live in the same town where I do, if someone happened to be travelling in this area wanted to meet them, I’d be pleased to have them stop by for a chance to find out they are naughty, shy kitty boys, but still lots of fun!

    • We all love, love, love it for the comfort and chance to have exclusive rights to it. (No one, human or feline, has managed to achieve excljusive rights to it, so lots of strategic shuffling happens day in and day out.)

    • King /Queen of the hill! I know the appeal has something to do with being able to spot the other brother easier while being somewhat concealed compared with other high spots in the room. The kitty boys are crafty!

    • I’ve seen where a mere cat has intimidated a larger dog to stay away while the kitty enjoyed the dog’s pillow! Where there are two of you fighting for the exclusive use of the pillow built for two, all I can say is learn to share. LOL! (I know! I know! The point is ytou want it all to yourself, to have the luxury of lolling about in luxury! I go through the same thinmg with the kitty bohys and that darn recliner, as you know, though theuy occasionally share it…with no enthusiasm!)

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