Post 1927: floof maintenance…

Maintaining floof takes time!

Maintaining floof takes time! Dougy knows he’s a pretty boy, but pretty takes lots of maintenance.

(Check out his left ear. Hee! Hee! Sometimes I have to unfold an ear he’s flopped over while cleaning up.)

25 thoughts on “Post 1927: floof maintenance…

    • They look like they weigh twice what they actually do! I try to keep them at a healthy weight, something that is problematic because of the floof. I always make sure their veterinarian verifies my supposition that they weigh the right weight ofr their size and age. Fortunately, they haven’t varied from their early adulthood weights.

    • That chocolate coloring is more related to the artifical lighting where I took the photo than his natural color. Both kitty boys are black in natiural light (sort of!), with silver highlights. On the other hand, they had a slight reddish tint to them, to. I think of them as being black. but they are many shades of color, depending on the lighting. Officially – on their registration papers -, they are smoke Persians, though that coat suggests something more dramatic to me. Their undercoats and ruffs show a lot of that smoke Persian coloration at this ;point, and the older they are, the more it shows.

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