Post 1937: the box…

Andy claims the box as soon as the delivery guy passes it on to me. Dougy is there, but he must realize Andy will put first claim on the box because he doesn’t budge!

I remove the tape, a temptation for both Andy and Dougy. They chew and try to swallow tape if they manage to find it! The box is OK, Andy thinks…


…but much better once I prop all flaps up! Andy can barely wait to explore the newly expanded space.

Andy is pleased! Mrow!

So am I! This beautiful afghan made by Pam of Texas is a welcome addition to one she made for me when I was recovering from end term kidney failure in 2016. I already sent my thanks for this beautiful piece of handiwork. Pam is very talented!

17 thoughts on “Post 1937: the box…

    • I stopped buying expensive toys for them, boxes and simple things like the tear strip off their dry food being their favorite things!

    • No problem, Chris! It is beautiful, well appreciated, and a lovelty piece of work. Maybe coming around Christmas time it is more appreciated than it would have been showing up other times of year. Anyway, that little bit of edging with the metallic yarn is a subtle change over the first one that still is a favorite!

    • It was a surprise that Pam decided to make me a seconf one. The first one is in the same muted colors, and it has been much appreciated. It goes with out saying that the second one will be, too!

  1. Oh my, a beautiful afghan! It takes me back…MEMORY FLASH..I crocheted an afghan for my mom…it was beautiful, especially something made by me that usually id judy ok. I worked on it for months and sent it too mom. It was so big on her bed she had to get a relative to make some little afghans out of it. It fit over her whole bed twice!

    Andy’s picture in the box is worth framing….it’s clear and he is so handsome.


    • I was pleased with that photo, too! I do have a framed photo of each kitty in boxes. You may see them in some photos as they are on the wall behind the recliner that forms the battle- and playground for many episodes pf the Andy and Dougy show.

    • LOL! The afghan is the same colors as the first one, but the biorder has a bit of glitter because Pam used a yarn with a metallic thread in it. I like it a lot! Very subtle.

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