24Jul20: on the hunt…

I tossed a few of Andy’s kitty treats in the carrier the other day to divert his attention from his upset at being in the carrier for transport to the veterinarian’s. Today, he climbed in to see if any were left.


I could see him eating a Greenie, so the hunt was a success. Then he climbed on top of the carrier for…

…a cat nap.


Andy will be on a prescription diet to control formation of kidney stones. This is condition is common in older Persians, Though his blood pressure was better than last Winter, it still is elevated. He will continue to be on medication for that condition. Other than those two issues, Andy had excellent test results. One test remains. I get to collect a poop sample for that,,,,

Post 2237: Black cats or not?


I was told Andy and Dougy are smoke Persian kitties. I’m no expert of cat coats, but neither kitty is quite as dramatic looking as photos of smoke Persian kitties suggest they should be.

They do, however, have color-shifting coats that show lighter-colored highlights or whole zones that are a pretty light grey in brighter light. In darker light, you still can see grey highlights that help define the shape of Andy, for example, in the photo. I find this effect quite handsome!

One of the lighter zones in the right light is their ruffs. Their tummies also appear to be this light grey in the right light. The photo of Dougy above Andy shows how the right light transforms his ruff into that light grey.

Are they black cats or not? This color-shifting nature of their coats makes me wonder.

Post 1962: window time…

Dougy’s eye is much better. He can tolerate the bright light at the window again and enjoy the sad little marigolds trying their best to get all the winter sun possible.

Post 739: a slow Sunday afternoon…

Nothing dramatic happening here today. Of course, I’m deliberately avoiding anything that involves the recent computer issues,  that which I call “Those @^#%*^! Times”.

Just took some kitty photos, as best I could without a cooperative cat. Andy is missing in action (sleeping somewhere…) and Dougy wants to play wand toy games, not pose for pretty pictures.

Dougy won't look my way. I think he expects Andy to come running through the door.

Dougy won’t look my way. I think he expects Andy to come running through the door.

Hmm. Much better pose...but his tail's twitching!

Hmm. Much better pose…but his tail’s twitching!

Oops! Unintentional selfie!

Oops! Unintentional selfie!

Dang! Now my hand's cramping!

Dang! Now my hand’s cramping!

I guess there was a little dram today! Cramp's gone. Whew!

I guess there was a little drama today! Cramp’s gone. Whew!

Close to what I was trying for but...

Close to what I was trying for but…

...Dougy isn't posing. He's getting excited about the camera strap, which he pounces!

…Dougy isn’t posing. He’s getting excited about the camera strap, which he pounces!

Andy signals it's time to feed the kitty.

Andy signals it’s time to feed the kitty. Yep! Knock over all the wastepaper baskets till the Doug (the human one) puts out the kitty food! 

If Dougy doesn't show up soon, Andy will eat Dougy's supper, too.

If Dougy doesn’t show up soon, Andy will eat Dougy’s supper, too.

Dougy’s been off schedule for supper feeding lately, though that doesn’t bother Andy a bit. Later, when Dougy shows up, I’ll fix him some wet food. Andy will eat that, too, if I don’t watch him!