Post 1810: What!? What!? What!?

You know cats. Change anything in their environment and it is a tragedy! The books and gooseneck lamp that had been on the computer desk shelf fell off the end, so I put them back. Andy was “concerned” and had to check it out.

“And these book are new, too.” Andy had to sniff them out. Then he took a nap, using the books as a pillow. 

14 thoughts on “Post 1810: What!? What!? What!?

    • Absoluting amazing, isn’t it!? I look at my two hanging over the edges of furniture, wondering how they manage. I’d wake up feeling aches in every bone in my body if I slept in positions they manage.

  1. This is so true. Each girl has to go and see what’s the new thing brought into the house. You can imagine how Shoko reacted when a new kitty was brought into the house. Something new that she did not want!


    • It probably felt like betrayal to poor Shoko! Anyway, it sounds like Skoko has adjusted, from what you’ve since posted!

    • I suspect he read the book that was there for a long time, “Kittens for Dummies” because he managed to grow up ignoring everything the book recommended!

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