Post 2015: couch potato, ottoman edition…

For a kitty that doesn’t spend much time watching kitty videos, Dougy seems fascinated by television commentary shows.

He even watches the commercials!

22 thoughts on “Post 2015: couch potato, ottoman edition…

      • Wit a minute: was he born in the US? Then he should request a voter registration card and go do his civil duty! Does it stipulate in the constitution that a voter must human? I am convinced that The Adorables have more intelligence and common sense than many humans who actually vote.

        • This such a compelling question, I’m shocked I missed it when you posted it! I quite agree. I’m also for a standard candidates must meet before they can run. It would include a test of their knowledge of how our government is intended to work, who reports to whom, and who doesn’t. It would involve a severely difficult test on the content and intent of the US Constitution. It wouldn’t be easy, and it would be made public after grading so people could see which idiot thinks he can run a country. A passing grade would be mid-90% of qurstions correct. There would be a 100 question essay section where they had to explain where they stood on all issues of interest to the public. These tests would be given in a public place, on camera on C-Span, and the proctors would be Constitutional specialists from major university. Former President Obama, ofg course, would qualify for this position, and would be one of those who judged the quality of the essay question answers. How about that, Dolly? You strike me as someone who has the sort of life experiences you could design a perfect test for future leaders!

          • What a great system, Doug; I love it! You should run for a government office , and I’ll organize the grass root movement and vote for you!
            However, I think the test, as well as the handbook for government leaders has been written already; it’s called The Bible. Yesterday, just like every year, I was struck by the closing of The Book of Esther: “seeking the good of his people and speaking peace to all their seed.” Anyone who thinks or acts differently, is not qualified to be a leader, in my opinion.

    • That’s for sure. I usually get lots of ads for pimple treatments and pills for everything that ails humanity when I watch them. Oh, and cars so exotic (and expensive!) I’ll never have one.

    • Andy love, love, loves cat-centric programming! I suspect Dougy would like any sport involving lotsd of action – football (soccer) and those you mentioned.

    • No such thing, GP. I tell him to keep his BS filter on and to fact check everything that sounds too good to be true. LOL!

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