Post 2014: head to tail…

Dougy isn’t always in favor of a good brushing. (Hence his blurred head in this photo…)

But he usually settles down and enjoys the moment!

Here we go! From head to tail.

24 thoughts on “Post 2014: head to tail…

    • Yes, I do, especially, when they purr to let me know it is fun for them, too! I do have to make sure I don’t tug to hard at mats, but they are good about letting me pull them apart byu hand as long as I don’t tug too hard and hurt them.

    • Fortunately for me, the kitty boys are pretty good about letting me brush them. I think having professional grooming helps a lot to acclimate them to the process.

        • My first reason for having them groomed was to deal with poop hanging up in the butt feathers”! All other benefits, like a comfort level with brushing, werer realized later.

          • We are quite familiar with what’s hanging back there! It’s interesting, though, that Beba prefers to be groomed by her brother, rather than brushed by us. I think it’s babyhood memories because she was rescued about a week after him, and was tiny and so sick that the vet had predicted she would not survive. It’s her brother Barmalei who licked and groomed, and generally took very good care of her. Now she is big, fluffy, and beautiful, but still acts like a child most of the time.

          • Interesting! Andy and Dougy had a similar situation, though they have never been that brotherly toward each other. Their relationshiup is friendly but both perfer their own space.

          • At a guess, they are aristocrats, not rescues, and have been treated as such from birth. Mine are siblings, but rescued at different times because Mama Cat had hidden a tiny sickly baby, and the rescue ladies had problems finding her. Then they were taken to a foster home, with a dozen of other rescued cats and kittens. I see them as children with special needs, especially Beba.

          • That’s, true. They are pedigree Persians, something I would never have if they hadn’;t been given to me. My first wo kitties were rescue kitties, andf I had planned on replacing Louie with one or two new rescues after I dealt with his death. The kitty boys slippfd in there when I was still in mourning, but they both had that kittenish cuteness that makes it impossible not to want them!

  1. I know another cat who doesn’t exactly love being brushed. Out of interest, do you first brush them the wrong way (tail to nose) to loosen all the crud before then doing it the right way? Or do you only do it the right way?

    • That’s a good idea! No, I tend to stick with the head to tail way, though they both are tolerant of having their hair rubbed or brushed the wrong way. Persians put up with a lot!

    • Dougy likes being brushed and Andy tolerates it as long as I’m careful not to tug on mats with the brush. It helps that I’ve brushed them regularl;y since kittenhood, Dougy moire than Andy since he had to be “tamed to the brush” over a period of time.

    • Dougy is pretty good about being brushed. Andy has his “bite the brush” moments, too! I’ve been getting him more used to brushing, however, and he is becoming much better about it.

    • Hmm. Looks like it would be a good one for routine grooming, though Andy and Dougy have very thick fur, especially on the tummy. I don’t know hoiw well it would work on that. What do you think?

    • And how! Fortunately, Andy and Dougy are reasonably coopetrative on the tail brushing, mostly because the texture of the hair is such that it doesn’t mat. The tail-end floof, on the other hand is a big hassle for cat and man!

    • Andyt and Dougy enjoy it as long as I don’t get too agressive on matted spots… I find that pulling the mats apart works better than brushing them out, from the standpoint of cat comfort and hthe safety of my hands…! LOL!

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