Post 2033: bedtime for Andy…

Sleepy boy! Andy is on the edge of sleep…and the recliner back!

He may already be in Slumber Land!

No doubt about it now. Sleep little angel, sleep!

18 thoughts on “Post 2033: bedtime for Andy…

    • He’s currently in a move around stage wherre he’s worn out one hiding place and is trying out new places. I may get more photos of him if the current pattern emerging holds~!

        • I wish Andy spent more time where I can photograph him, but there is a certtain part of the day he hides to avoid (if he can) his medicine. When he doesshow up, though, he loves to be loved with head rtubs, chin scritches, ear rubs, and magic fingers massaging up and down his back! Her has an especially loud purr for such a small cat, so I know when he is a happy kitty! He also was the first of the two kitty boys to knead my leg or arm, whichever is more convenient at the time, and we have always had blinky eyes between us! He is a very affectionate kitty.

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