Post 2034: truce…

The kitty boys can play well together, but they usually play “king of the mountain” over the recliner. Who knows what’s up? Amdy cleans up and Dougy relaxes on the seat. Will chaos ensue?

Uh oh! Seems Andy’s about to chase Dougy….

I guess not. Andy has his favorite spot on the recliner back and Dougy has his on the seat. No need to settle anything!

10 thoughts on “Post 2034: truce…

    • It’s hard to catehgorize their color, which is variable in avaiulable light.cAndy has yellow eyes; Dougy’s are orangey-brown. Andy has a narrower head and smaller eyes; Dougy has classic Persian kitty looks, with bigger, wider-set eyes; Andy is football-shaped (American football – ovoid shape) from above; Dougy is more V-shaped, with broad shoulers and narrow hips. Other differences are detectable when you see them on video or in person, but the main difference you can’t typically tell in photos is Andy’s a more shy kitty than his goofy, comedian brother Dougy. That behavioral difference means I often take photos of Andy that are darker than those where Dougy hangs out. The darker places mean Andy appears mroe black to you than Dougy, so your perception actually has a factual element! In stromng light, the kitty boys even have highlights of red.

    • That perch of the recliner is just the right shape for a kitty boy’ s body to nestle, and it is higher, with a great sight line to virtually every place in three rooms or their entrances into the living room. On the other hand, Dougy seems to agree with you on the ottoman!

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