Post 2100: siblings…

Andy and Dougy have lived together since birth. “They play well together. Would you like this one, too?” With those words, I had a two cat family. Who could resist those sweet faces?

They have their moments, their snits…

…but they mostly get along, are brotherly! (Andy’s on the right in this photo, but on the left in all the others.)

On rare occasions, I even get a good photo of the two together!

13 thoughts on “Post 2100: siblings…

    • One rarely gets the chance, let alone manage to get a good one of the two. (Usually they are facing off over some irritation pone feels at the moment for the other! LOL!)

  1. Like many siblings, they don’t realize how much they really need each other. So good that you got ’em bth !

    • I feel that way, too. I think a lot of Andy’s introverted personality may have to do with being removed from his mommy at eight weeks. Dougy had more time with his mother and the two other siblings in the litter, and is more confident.

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