Post 2198: moving the cat…

Andy blocks English language films, too. The war is endless! So are the strategies for getting my kitty boy out of the way. (Yeah, I could get up and physically move him out of the way, but then I’d have nothing to post for you!)

The new floofy toy creates a distraction Andy can’t resist…

…for it mesmerizes him in place, a new place! Now I can enjoy the movie.


22 thoughts on “Post 2198: moving the cat…

    • From an evolutionary point of view, cats predate humans, so we are the interlopers in their world.

      As for the cat vs. dog issue, I personally like both, though where I live (in a retirement community), dogs are a barking and pooping nuisance. I chose to have cats for pets because they are quiet compared with dogs, smaller than most dogs I’d like to have, and (with work) neater than dogs.

      There are programs on Animal channel here about “bad” cats and “bad” dogs. Inevitably, the cat or dog is a sweet being, just has an ignorant human who is clueless about how to improve the pet’s behavior.

      My two, incidentally, are inside cats. I don’t believe in letting them be outside cats because they are black. In America, there are ignorant, superstitious people who thing black cats are bad luck, so will harm them. For that matter, there are bad people who will run them over if they are handy and on the street. There also are abandoned cats that can infect house pet cats with an assortment of diseases or get in fight with the house cats, causing injuries and veterinarian bills.

      An other issue: most times the stray cats are intact and able to reproduce! I believe in neutering or spaying pets that aren’t used for breeding pedigree animals. Too many “excess” cats and dogs are killed in shelters for lack of people wanting a perfectly good and healthy pet. (I believe in adopting shelter cats and dogs if a person wants a pet. Those I’ve adopted turned out to be excellent pets, mostly because they chose me, not the other way around. Cats and dogs let you know through body language if they trust you and want to have more time – a home, for example! – with you.

      The next time you find a cat behaving in an unacceptable way, blame the human who let that cat wander without supervision or, worse, abandoned the cat to make its way through a far shorter life than an inside cat by scrounging food in a KFC or wherever it can. The same applies to dogs. Humans are the problem, not the cat or dog!

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