Post 2217: I spy…eyes!

I’ve tried to take photos that show Dougy’s healed right eye. Dougy, per usual kitty cat protocol, gives me blinky eyes or closes his eyes all together when I approach him. Rats! 


Close…but the eye is in the shadows.


I guess this is the best I’ll get! The important thing is his eye is healed. The poor kitty doesn’t have to endure any medication sessions again till the next time. (Yes, this is a chronic issue with Dougy.) Of course, he hasn’t cleaned his eye boogers off yet, something he did after this photo was taken. 






14 thoughts on “Post 2217: I spy…eyes!

    • I believe the word cat people use to characterize that color is “copper”. Personally, I think you are closer with “pumpkin”!

    • I think the problem is two fold: it is rude (as a kitty) to look directly in the eyes of another cat, feline or human; both my kitty boys associate cameras with flash, though I haven;t used a camera with flash in years!

      • I never use flash either, especially not with kitties. That’s an interesting angle to the direct look/stare thing. I knew they consider direct looks among kitties a challenge of sorts, but I hadn’t thought of the connection to approaching a cat with a camera and looking directly at them to compose the picture. I think they regard a stare from us as rude, also.

    • Unfortunately, Dougy has a chronic condition, feline herpes, that is passed from mother kitty to kitten at birth. Andy never has this problem, but Dougy will always periodically have eye infections. The best thing I can do is make sure his immune system is built up.

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