Post 2218: the fragile connection…

Tuesday was some day. Around 11:15 AM, the Internet and television went down. After a few calls to the provider, the reason came out: a fiber optics cable was severed. Or was it Wednesday this happened? I tell you, losing connection with the world leaves you, well, unconnected! So, the kitty boys and I made good use of that unconnectedness: We all took lots of cat naps! I’m not sure when the repair was completed, only that when I tried to get on the Internet again yesterday, I couldn’t. More naps!  (That’s Dougy napping, above. But you knew that! That’s Dougy’s ottoman under the kitty boy!)

17 thoughts on “Post 2218: the fragile connection…

    • I haven'[t seen anything in the local media about it, and the cable provider is vague about what happened. There’s lots of road work now because of a highway improvement plan and because of roads washed out when the state was inundated by heavy rains. I suspect one of these construction projects involved digging, and that resulted in the issue.

    • Those are all read now! (I don’t put them down unless I’ve read them because they end up tore up and largely unreadable one they hit the floor, thanks to the kitties!)

    • For a short moment, I couldn’t imagine what I’d do till it was up again, but there always are other things to do! You just have to find them and do them!

    • I read and listened to CDs, then took some naps!

      Several years ago, the entire town was without electricity for three days because of a major transformer failure. what to do, I wondered. I’ll type some letters, I thought. Then I remembered my typewriter was an electric one! LOL!

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