Post 2237: Black cats or not?


I was told Andy and Dougy are smoke Persian kitties. I’m no expert of cat coats, but neither kitty is quite as dramatic looking as photos of smoke Persian kitties suggest they should be.

They do, however, have color-shifting coats that show lighter-colored highlights or whole zones that are a pretty light grey in brighter light. In darker light, you still can see grey highlights that help define the shape of Andy, for example, in the photo. I find this effect quite handsome!

One of the lighter zones in the right light is their ruffs. Their tummies also appear to be this light grey in the right light.Β The photo of Dougy above Andy shows how the right light transforms his ruff into that light grey.

Are they black cats or not? This color-shifting nature of their coats makes me wonder.

25 thoughts on “Post 2237: Black cats or not?

  1. Well they sure look like chat noirs to me. Mom says when she looks up close at my tummy furrs they look dark gray in color. When I sun puddle a lot, the furs under my throat can turn a dark brown or dark reddish brown. Do Andy and Dougy’s furrs do that, too?

    • I think you are probably right! I just call them “black cats”. If someone wiser and more informed disagrees with that, I’ll probably collapse and agree with their assessment. (“They are purple!” “OK!”)

  2. Anyhow, they are splendid, and they know they are πŸ™‚
    My lady Persian is supposed to be – rousse – she is – but also beige, and really nearly white around her lovely neck.
    So wonderful

    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • Andy and Dougy’s mother is a Persian with tabby markings with an overall reddish brown color. There are hints of that red in Andy and Dougy’s hair that shows up in strong sunlight.

  3. I can’t seem to find the article I read before, about long-furred black cats being more likely to show up with differing colors in the sun than black cats with short fur. It may have something to do with fur depth making more ways for the light to bounce around. Our late floofy black Ultraviolet had reddish tints; our smoothie Franklin usually looks dark black. Your guys are gorgeous in any light!

    • I think so, too! I glad I accepted two brothers with the same coat. I think their brother and sister were a tabby and a calico, though I don’t remember for sure. (I never saw the siblings, just their mother, and auntie, and a half sister….)

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