Post 2239: “fake news”…

IMG_20191023_111333 (1)

“Andrew James Thomas, on penalty of losing your kitty treat privileges, did you ‘hork up’ on the front room carpet!?”

[You know this is fake news because a kitty boy never feels bad about leaving icky stuff on the front room carpet! Andy and Dougy periodically have upset stomachs on the carpets, but I usually find it, in the dark, barefooted.]

11 thoughts on “Post 2239: “fake news”…

  1. Thank goodness I am in such good company! In bare feet and in the dark, I swear they are strategically placed between the bed and the door to the bathroom. Nothing wakes you faster.

    • The worst part is walking with your footy held in some awkward position with the hope of not misstepping and smearing some of whatever you stepped in from the deposit site to the point you can turn on a light to verify, well, whether or not you were a success!

    • Ugh! I think the second worst part is when I hear one of them trying to vomit. I try to get them onto the floor in the bathroom before they share it on the carpet, and sometimes I succeed!

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