Post 2261: Andy the stealthy cat…

Andy wants to sleep on his stacked carriers, but Dougy’s alert and on the shredded magazine at the base of the stack. Though there hasn’t been any conflict – yet! – today, Andy doesn’t want to alarm Dougy by coming within 10 miles (16,1 kilometers) of anything Dougy claims as his. And Dougy claims practically everything in this part of the front room as his.


Dougy is asleep! Andy makes his move.

That was easier than Andy expected! He sneaked by Dougy on his kitty paws, assured himself Dougy wasn’t going to sit up and give him the “Kitty Stink Eye That Withers Your Hindquarters And Makes Your Whiskers Drop Off” (a Dougy specialty), hopped onto his stacked carriers in one magnificent super leap, smiled a kitty smile, then slipped into a deep snooze. Dougy didn’t budge.

They are my little angels!

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