Post 2264: woes of having a floofy tail…

Look at that sweet kitty mug! Lately, Andy’s suffered poop in his floofy tail. I am in the habit of running kitty tails through my hands when the kitty boys walk by. That’s how I found “it” today. Ugh!

Andy doesn’t like brushing, so I had to be stealthy. When he was on the light stand, I slipped the comb onto his tail feathers. Alarmed, he hopped off the light stand. The poop came off with a few tail feathers, and Andy  risked upsetting Dougy by stretching out on another ripped up magazine Dougy claims. He reckoned that was far enough from me I’d not comb him anymore!

You can see the indignity in his eyes. It’s worth upsetting the cat, though, to take care of the tail floof problem.

20 thoughts on “Post 2264: woes of having a floofy tail…

  1. Mr. Doug, Mom says, “If Andy doesn’t care for the comb, then another option is to use little mustache scissors to cut off the pooey hairs. I have to do that with Valentine on occasion.”

    • Ugh~! I hope I don’t have to go that way. I suppose Andy would be happier that way, though, since the comb tugs a few hairs out with it. On the other hand, Andy surely won’;t miss a few hairs!

  2. This happens to Beba occasionally, as she is the fluffy girl here, and it usually takes both of us to remove it. Andy is miffed at the indignity – what an expression! – but at least you can sneak in and get it done, Doug. Beba fights and curses!

  3. What a laugh I got with you touching Andy’s tail. Sounds like something that would happen to me.Luckily mine are not long aired. Although, Budd borders the possible. Not a fun chore to be sure. Thanks for sharing though. It’s nice to know these gross things happen to others.


    • I think one follower dropped because I posted that. It’s the reality of having animals in our homes, though, and I think people need to be aware that that cute kitten grows up, that two cats digest their food with predictable results that you have to keep up on, that they get sick and cost a lot of money for their medical needs, and they require your attention for fun play that sometimes happens at times not convenient to your own plans. All that is worth it you love animals!

    • He’s very spoiled, Michel! I bent the twig the wrong direction when they were growing up, and pay for it now! Even though that’s the case, they are great fun to have around!

    • Yeah, and there is just so much personal hygiene (i.e. licking one’s “precious” to clean things up…) a kitty – or pooch – can expect one to do!

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