Post 2267: …in which I try to document Dougy’s best trick…

Dougy has a trick, a simple one, but a good one I want to share with you.

Yeah, I put a pillow on my lap, go >tap! tap! tap!< on the pillow, and Dougy hops up on my pillow for loving! Or, he rolls over on his ottoman and totally ignores me.

Tuh duh!

16 thoughts on “Post 2267: …in which I try to document Dougy’s best trick…

    • Andy is a bit plump from eating too many kitty treats, but Dougy is a trim, fit kitty. He watches his kitty treat consumption! Of course, as you know, all of you aren’t fat, you’re fluffy!

    • Of course! LOL! Dougy says “Let them have the white chair. If it weren’t nice, they’d look for another one to lounge on…!” Of course, he’s very biased. Unfortunately, I spoiled both kitty boys when they were kittens and they both have habits Jackson Galaxy, correctly, would attribute to my poor kitten parenting abilities!

      • Essentially, as soon as I put anything down to protect the cushion, no matter how soft, Leo picks a new spot. Now he has taken up residence on my brand new cushion covers on the couch! 😼

        • LOL! I realized at a certain time that I either had to contact Jackson Galaxy or realize nothing new or nice would survive my two kitty boys! (I think Andy would love to take on Jackson. He’s a big fan!)

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