Post 2283: Oh, brothers…!

Good grief, Andy! Get a grip, Dougy! It’s only a newspaper. There’s plenty for both of you!

You’re brothers! Act like it!


But not Cain and Abel….

(Not to worry! Shortly after this brouhaha, the kitty boys were back to “I love you brother.” No, I love you more!” >Purr! Purr! Purr!< Cats!)

12 thoughts on “Post 2283: Oh, brothers…!

  1. This is typical! No one is related here but te outcome is the same. Tyebe leaps on Shoko’s head…Shoko hisses so Tyebe comes back and does it again. Shoko hisses louder. Budd hears Shoko hissing at Budd’s wild child and he starts walking toward Shoko like a Sumo wrestler. Naturally, Shoko starts to panic….usually calm words from me help, especially when the other hand is holding Budd back from advancing. hehe


    • I sometimes clap my hands, just anything to break the eye-lock. It seems about anything that distracts them is sufficient to prevent a brouhaha.

  2. The interactions between kitties are fascinating, especially siblings. We have two sets of siblings among our eight cats: Marcus and Hope (2007 local feral kitten crop) and the Three Sisters cats Wynken, Blynken and Nod ( 2013 local feral kitten crop). The personalities are all so different.

    • y first experience with that was neighbor’s cats. Woodie and Callie were farm cats from the same litter. Woody was a lovely grey tabby and Callie was a beautiful calico. Woody love, love, loved our patio because of proximity to my bird feeding stations (!) and all of the perchable places that allowed him a sightline to the same. Callie was felis non grata. If she showed up, he beat her up every time, but always when they were behind me. If he managed to get in front of me, he was upset with her, growled softly, but never beat her up. He died first, then Callie and I were able to be buddies.

    • No cats were harmed creating this post…! The kitty boys were best buddies again after a short chase through the apartment and a lot of growling. If they get too physical, I can break them up by distracting them with a loud “HEY!” or a clap of my hands.

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