Post 2286: Dougy poses, nakedly…


Dougy is well aware of his sexy appeal. He always stops mid-lick when taking a bath in case I have a camera on him.


“How’s this one, Doug the human? Too sexy? (Well, the blurred focus would be sexy for an old movie star, but Dougy is in prime time for a kitty boy….)

Good grief! Now Dougy’s giving me multiple options for head shots! Upside down. Right side up. Really close in!


Yeah, that’s about right, Dougley! Upside down with eye wink! That’s your best shot! But maybe we should brush you down next time for a smoother, cool look. You look a bit like a neighborhood stray with that scruffy look. 

18 thoughts on “Post 2286: Dougy poses, nakedly…

  1. If you all lived closer, Mom says she’d volunteer to brush Andy and Dougy. She finds brushing kitties relaxing. She grooms me most days and she’s been grooming the neighbor lady’s kitty weekly since just before All Hallows Eve. Purr purr purr.

    • Tomorrow, kitten photos of the kitty boys! I accidentally found a file they were in that I never can find when I want to, and they were in it!

    • There is that. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to exploit them mercilessly to make zillions of big bucks off off them, but I’m satisfied to just enjoy them for free!

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