Post 2287: incredulous…


I notice Andy pays attention to what’s on the television even when it isn’t kitty games and videos.


Periodically, he’ll look back at me with this look that tells me something he sees makes him…

…incredulous. I found the hearings a bit astonishing myself, kitty. (I think his problem was the interrogators who yelled or talked loudly. Cats don’t like a racket. Me either. I turned to the Food Network and followed a holiday baking contest after I reached my tolerance level for tomfoolery.)

13 thoughts on “Post 2287: incredulous…

    • I’m watching it again – it’s appalling theater – but I now mute the loud ones, follow along on closed caption. Not easy being a responsible citizen….

    • I can see that! That may be why Andy seems interested in things on the television, things I can’t imagine being of interest to a cat!

    • Yes, though the really discouraging ones are kids of 10, 11 in these contests and they are doing things worthy of trained chefs! I only learned how to make decent scrambled eggs in recent years and I came along shortly after the invention of dirt!

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